Migration from Elastic Cloud to Elastic on Docker

Hi community, im using ES on my Docker, i try to migrate data from my other Elasticsearch on Cloud, i tried to aim to my Elasticsearch ID but on Dev Tools doesn't work.

I restarted container also, and added to the whitelist my Elasticsearch ID...



Did you put a username and password (basic auth) into the whitelist entry?

Hi, no... In documentation offical doesn't say nothing about it...

Migrating your Elasticsearch data | Elasticsearch Service Documentation | Elastic
By the fact i used the credentials on the query on Dev Tools but not work

Reindex API | Elasticsearch Guide [7.13] | Elastic mentions;

The username and password parameters are optional, and when they are present _reindex will connect to the remote Elasticsearch node using basic auth.

So I would try that.

U can see my all of my screenshoots, u dont know why i have a failure? I forgot something? i think i did it well...


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