Miliseconds are removed from time when data collected using fluentd

Hello, I am using fluentd as data collector. But milliseconds from time is getting removed. Can you please suggest a solution to keep milliseconds in generated output.

Time is getting parsed only when I specify logstash_format true. But because of this indices are getting created as 'Logstash**' even if I specify index name. If I don't specify 'logstash_format true ' then except time field everything is getting parsed.

Here is my fluentd configuration file,

type tail tag json.nwdata path /etc/td-agent/access.log pos_file /etc/td-agent/access.log.pos format json time_format %Y/%m/%d %H:%M:%S read_from_head true time_key time include_time_key true

<match json.**>
type elasticsearch
logstash_format true
time_key time
flush_interval 10s # for testing
index_name jsonlog
type_name jsonlogtype

You'll probably have more luck on the Fliuentd forums/lists/etc :slight_smile: