Min_similarity gets ignored in flt query

I'm using fuzzy like this query but I'm not getting the desired results:

for example, With this query:

"query": {

            "fuzzy_like_this" : {

                "fields" : ["entities.text", "title"],

                "like_text" : "bill clinton",

                "max_query_terms" : 12,

                "min_similarity": 0.65



I get this results(sorted by highest score):

"Watch Bill Nye, Dressed Like A Robot"

"Obama in Shutdown Politics Channels Bill Clinton..."

"Q&A: Carcass..." (there's an entity Bill Steer)

"Clinton: Obama "Right" no..."

I'd like the results to be more exclusive: if I look for "bill
clinton" and put "bill cinton" in the search box, I'd like to get only
the results who mentions bill clinton or something really similar. I
tried changing "min_similarity" to 0.9 but I keep getting the same

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