Minimum number of Coordinating nodes

Would like to know the recommended number ( 2 or 3) of coordinating only nodes for an elasticsearch cluster which will have around 4.5 TB of data.

You don't necessarily need any coordinating nodes at all. Sometimes one is used together with Kibana, but many deployments do fine without them.

Thanks. We are planning to use the coordinating nodes along with Kibana and question is whether to use 2 or 3.

How many Kibana instances will you have?

Each coordinating node will have one Kibana instance.

Dedicated master nodes should always be 3 in order to be able to reach consensus even with a node missing. That is not an issue for coordinating nodes, so 2 is most likely sufficient.

Thanks. Whether 2 coordinating nodes are always sufficient irrespective of the data volume? (50TB or 100TB..etc) Also what is the typical resource configuration - CPU cores, RAM and disk space for coordinating nodes.

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