Minimum_should_match percentage rounding

Situation: I have a bool query with N 'should' conditions and I want to let it ignore 1 of those.

Before in ES version 6 (iirc) this was achieved with 'minimum_should_match' => '99%', but now on version 8.1.1 this doesn't work anymore.
Which is strange, because doc says

Indicates that this percent of the total number of optional clauses are necessary. The number computed from the percentage is rounded down and used as the minimum.

So if I have 2 conditions with 99% it should be rounded down to 1 and give me the expected result, but in reality it doesn't happen. To make this work now I have to use 'minimum_should_match' => '49%' to get the desired result.

So 2 questions:
Does ES works differently now and docs are just not updated or is it a bug?
How to make it ignore 1 condition? (bc 49% will work with 2 total conditions, but with more it will ignore more than 1)

Edit: Also found this explanation , but it doesn't work like that anymore, bc in that example 75% will force all 3 now.

Turns out one of my conditions never works anymore bc it uses "_type" field that no longer exist.
This should be closed.

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