Mirror index of one server to another server


I have 2 servers.
Server1 the index is updated every second.
So data is increasing tremendously.

Now i need to backup this index to another server that is server2.

Can i sync all the data(mirror) from server1 to server2 without any interruption?
And i want the server2 act as as a mirror for server1 all the time.
I am using elastic-5X.
Can anyone please help me with the steps to do this process ?
Help very much appreciated.

The Snapshot and Restore API might be something you could take advantage of. Otherwise it might make sense to fork at ingestion so you can replicate the data automatically to another cluster.

What are you looking to accomplish?

Hi Lucas,

Thanks for the reply, what i need is

I have a elasticserach insert data every sec in server1. so it has around 40 million data

Now I have a new server2 to which i want to mirror the elasticserach server 1 so that server2 will act as a backup for the server1. ie: i need to have mirror of server1 in server2 all the time.

As you said i would like to replicate the data automatically to another cluster in another server? How it can be accomplished in elasticserach 5x ? what are steps to do it?

Thanks you so much

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