Missing data in cluster

Hi everyone

In a cluster of 3 running es 2.4, from time to time randomly I have missing data, data appears at first, but then disappears.

Server load seems alright.

The environment is redis, mysql es and php

attached is servers load

Any advice or idea as to what could be the reason?

How are you identifying that data is missing? How are your nodes configured? Are all nodes master-eligible? If so, have you set minimum_master_nodes to 2 as described here?

I did not experience this issue until now, the system was running like a clock for the past 1 year, suddenly from 2 weeks ago we experience inconsistencies in the data.

I believe the cluster settings are correct

All nodes master eligible and minimum master is set to 2

How did you identify that data is missing?

despite http 200, sometimes the saved data does not exist when loading the updated page, and sometimes (almost always it exists) it does exist.

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