Mistake in Elastic Cloud Documention , Please help .. ...!

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Hello i have spin up elastic cloud cluster and going through some of the tutorials mentioned in the "Getting Started Content Pack" but at some pint of step, i have to index sample apache_logs file into my cloud cluster but how can i do that,
It seems that i need to install Logstast in my PC too, then what is the use of Elastic cloud. ?

Please help.

here is the tutorial page
Tutorial Page

how can i run this command if i dont have logstash in my PC. if i install it what is the use of Cloud Cluster service.
cat ../apache_logs | <Logstash_Install_Dir>/bin/logstash -f apache_logstash.conf

what is this mean ?<Logstash_Install_Dir>

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Hi @edu_ever,

The tutorial page is meant to walk you through an example of how to use elastic cloud to spin up an elasticsearch cluster with a kibana instance connected to that cluster.
In that example logstash is used to ship the dataset to the elasticsearch cluster, and does require you to download the sample dataset and have logstash installed.
In that context the <Logstash_Install_Dir> refers to the location of your logstash folder after you downloaded and extracted it.

Please note that this example is from June-2016 and is a little out dated, so when you provision a cluster today you already have kibana enabled by default, and the security configuration includes a default elastic admin user and you can configure additional users using x-pack security.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you Zanbel, i am trying to practice to load those sample datasets into CLoud to practice.

DO i need to edit any configuration files in my PC after downloading logstash, to coonect it to the cluster. Please help

moreover the documention at this part is not clearly written, are there any new tutorials page for the beginners ?


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Sure, sorry for not mentioning it before, you can find an updated "getting started" tutorial here, which was published on 2-Aug-17.
This will make it easier to follow since it better describes the current behavior when provisioning a new cluster, how to configure a user in kibana, etc.

Good luck (:

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Thank you , zanbel . I am little confused with Step 3, in the updated tutorial.

this commandcat ../apache_logs | <Logstash_Install_Dir>/bin/logstash -f apache_logstash.conf

could you please explain is it apache_logs logs file or folder. I did not understand clearly.

and whatis the default Installation dir for logstash.

Please help.

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Hi @edu_ever,

the cat ../apache_logs command should point to the apache_logs file, note that in the instruction, after you download or clone the github example repo you will need to change the directory to the location of the apache_logstash.conf, the apache_logs file in the parent directory hence the cat ../apache_logs.

As for the location of the the logstash directory, it will depend on which installation option is relevant for you.
In my case I'm using the .zip option so after downloading the install dir will be the location of the folder after extracting the .zip file. As an example if you downloaded the zip your ~/Downloads folder and extracted the zip there your installation path will be ~/Downloads/logstash-5.6.3 if using the latest version and the entire command executed from the directory with the apache_logstash.conf file will be cat ../apache_logs | ~/Downloads/logstash-5.6.3/bin/logstash -f apache_logstash.conf.

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