ML watcher issues v7.5

Hi, I got some problems with my watchers lately, the are not sending mail, and the last issue is that it keep in firing state, but never send mail, the jobs are constantly suggesting me that I set a larger query delay to avoid missing documents

this is my configuration

bucket_span of the ml job: 15 minutes
query_delay: 30 minutes
watcher trigger interval :10 minutes
watcher query range: 60 minutes
whatcher throttle: 9 minutes

this is my execution history
and this is my action statuses

what can I do to solve this?

Hi @ElasticLiver - what configuration do you have set for the watch? It could be stuck in a firing state if it is constantly returning hits.

Regarding the change to the email behavior, has anything occurred on your cluster recently that could have affected your email config? Watcher email action | Elasticsearch Guide [7.12] | Elastic

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