Mlockall in elastic 7.15.2


I have changed memory settings for the system and elastic, both, while working on ES v7.6.2

More recently, I've found an ES system running 7.15.2 whose mlockall returned false

I checked the documentation and it says that Elastic (now?) sets those values itself

I wanted to check that do we still need to update the system and Elastic memory settings for 7.15.2 and afterwards?

Do we still need to ensure mlockall = false ?

Can you link us to that please?

Because the 7.15 version says - Disable swapping | Elasticsearch Guide [7.15] | Elastic

To enable a memory lock, set bootstrap.memory_lock to true in elasticsearch.yml :

Thank you, you are correct - I misunderstood this (heap size settings are auto)

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