Modify js in kibana's dashboard js

I am trying to customize kibana's(5.4.0) dashboard to add some textboxes and button.
Here is what i did:

  1. created a simple dashboard in kibana
  2. exported its js and modified the same.

Now when am trying to import it, Kibana is not able to process the js file. Maybe am going wrong with placing the custom js inside the file. can anyone point out the issue for me, below is my code.
Also, without html, one cannot use documents in javascript.. how then do we add html tags?

I refered -
I followed the steps and created all required files in a folder but am not able to import its index.js in kibana.

@priyam this approach isn't going to work, we intentionally do now allow users to inject custom javascript into the saved dashboards. Have you tried using the Markdown visualization?

@Brandon_Kobel I did try markdown, but when i try adding an input field in it like:
input type="text" id="name" name="name"/>, it does not work.
Plus my intention is to pre-fill the fields with data from elasticsearch and on submission(via a button) i need to send the data back as edited data in elastic. Am planning to use services for it... so will all this be possible in markdown?

@priyam the Markdown widget won't support that level of customization, to do so in Kibana you'll have to resort to creating your own plugin. Creating your own plugin is a rather in-depth process; however, the following topic has some good resources: Creating custom kibana plugin

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