Module puppet-logstash: Is it still being developed?


The latest puppet-logstash module on Puppet forge is version 0.5.1 and was released May 15th 2014. The most recent version of Logstash "officially" supported by the module is 1.4.1, and the most recent version of Logstash is 2.2.0.

Is this module still being worked on? Has anybody successfully used it with one of the Logstash 2.x releases?


I'm also interested to know if this module will continue being maintained.

As of right now in GitHub there are 34 issues and 25 pull requests. Many of them pretty recent.

The last commit in master was 9 months ago to update the pointing to this forum.

It would be great if logstash and the other components of an elastic stack had puppet modules in the PuppetLabs "Approved" category on the Puppet Forge like the primary elasticsearch module here: