Module s3 input does not work error

Hi all, ran into this problem.
At some point after upgrading from version 7 to 8, my S3 input module stopped working correctly.
I see in the logs that the module connects to S3 and that it tries to deduct the content, but further process does not go, neither processing filters nor sending to the index. just after some time it starts or gives the error "too many files open" or nothing happens at all? what can be the error?

I have the impression that this S3 module does not work at all

Can you share the logs?

Also, do you have a lot of files in the s3 buckets?

hello, there are a lot of files in S3. I limited the rule to the information I needed for the month.

One of the problems, it seems to me, was to inspect the traffic on the proxy, as soon as it was turned off, the data began to arrive in the right form.

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