Mongodb input plugin for logstash

Anyone could you please provide me the link to download mongoDB input plugin for logstash

Installing it like a standard plugin doesn't work? See

If not, try downloading the most recent gem file from and install it according to the instructions in the README file.

Hi Magnusbaeck ,

Thank you for your reply .

I downloaded the zip from git and try to install plugin but got below errors as server don't have capability to connect to internet

Ignoring ffi-1.9.13 because its extensions are not built. Try: gem pristine ffi --version 1.9.13
Validating /tmp/logstash-input-mongodb-master/logstash-input-mongodb-0.3.0.gem
Installing logstash-input-mongodb
fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git
Error Bundler::HTTPError, retrying 1/10
Could not fetch specs from

Is there anyway to download all the gems required for this installation or do we have any zip file for all the gem dependencies

Hi Magnus ,
Any update ?

I don't know enough about this to answer off the cuff and I don't have time to start digging myself.

Hi ,

I have fixed the issue , but still having some conneciton issues as per this link

I dont see any username and password

mongodb {
uri => 'mongodb://'
placeholder_db_dir => '/opt/logstash-mongodb/'
placeholder_db_name => 'logstash_sqlite.db'
collection => 'events_'
batch_size => 5000

where i need to give username and password here

I fixed the issue by changing the uri

Thank you for your help .. I am good now

Can you please explain how did you solve this connection issue?

Good day!
Please, explain how did you solve this connection issue?