MongoDB to Elastic Cloud Enterprise


I have a ecommerce shop system based on Heroku and a elastic cloud enterprise system. I want my shop system search to be based on elastic search. How should I design my set up?

  1. Use logstash locally to drive data from mongoDB on heroku to elastic cloud ?
  2. Use IBM compose transporter to connect mongoDB to Elastic cloud?
  3. Any available beats solution?

Is there any other available elastic solution that lets it connect to my MongoDb instance and update it real time? Would be really helpful if someone can point me in the right direction.

Thank you :sunny:

No one ?

I think this forum will probably not be much use for the question of how to move data from MongoDB into ES unless it has a specific ECE focus - the sort of folks who have expertise in that area don't hang out here much :slight_smile:

(Personally I'd use logstash but I haven't run a production ingest flow in many years so there may now be better options)

Maybe try the elasticsearch or (probably even better) logstash forum and loop back here if the recommended approaches seem incompatible with any part of EC/E?

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