Mongodb traces for netcoreapp3.1 mvc


I am trying to configure my netcoreapp3.1 version mvc application which uses mongodb as the database with elastic APM instrumentation with zero code changes .
I am able to view the transactions but there are no stack traces available for the same. Not able to view the mongodb queries.

I am using package reference AspNetCore.Identity.MongoDbCore as package reference in the application for mongodb.

Are there any specific configurations to capture mongodb queries.

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Hi @Namita_Jaokar

the MongoDB instrumentation needs an additional manual step before it starts capturing calls. Here is the documentation which walks you through the steps needed.

Hi @GregKalapos ,

The documentation provided requires me to add the configuration for instrumenting mongodb in the code of the application.

Is there any way I can instrument mongodb without changes in the application as I am configuring my application using the zero code changes method of instrumentation with Elastic APM.

Please advise.

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Unfortunately that's not supported at this point.

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Thank you for the update @GregKalapos

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