Using both NuGet package and auto instrumentation?

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We are currently testing Elastic APM with .NET microservices (already using it in the Java environment) and we are a bit confused about the different integration options:

We started with the NuGet approach because we wanted to use the MongoDB instrumentation, which is available as NuGet package. Now, we want to also add the Kafka instrumentation which is - according to this documentation - only available as profiler auto instrumentation. But switching to this technique is not possible because MongoDB does not support it.

So, my question is: Is it possible to use the "best of both worlds" and use MongoDB NuGet package together with auto instrumentation for Kafka or what would you recommend?

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Kibana version: 8.7.0

Elasticsearch version: 8.7.0

APM Server version: 8.7.0

APM Agent language and version: .NET 1.22.0

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Hey, sorry for the late reply.

Yes, that is supported. You can just add the Elastic.Apm.MongoDb package and configure it - but only do the config for MondoDb and do not enable the agent as a whole.

And then you can inject the agent via environment variables as described in the profiler related doc.

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