Mongodb with Elasticsearch: nested document

Hi all,
Now,I'm working with nested document in ES. by using mongo river for
insert data.
So, I just wander what is the best way to handle insert nested document.
For example:
"name": "Multi G. Enre", "books": [ { "name": "Guns and lasers", "genre":
"scifi", "publisher": "orbit" }, { "name": "Dead in the night", "genre":
"thriller", "publisher": "penguin" } ] }
this one is my document and books is nested document. So, when I want to
add/insert book into this document . which mongo operation is the best
solution for this to match with ES that in ES we can insert only nested
document and link it to parent document.

So on, I can think only few ways.

  1. just use $push operator to add new books(nested document).
  2. use $set operator to reset every thing under books.

but I do not know that how mongo-river handle for this. I know that
mongo-river support with nested document but not really sure that which way
is the best for this scenario.


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