Monitor ELK Snaphot


Im trying to monitor my snapshots.

When i exec GET _snapshot/_all/status it doesnt show anything.

Does anyone how to create a watcher or a query to see if a snapshot fail or if some of their shards fails ?

Thank you in advanced!


Have you checked this document?

To monitor any currently running snapshots, use the [get snapshot API]

GET _snapshot/my_repository/_current

To get a complete breakdown of each shard participating in any currently running snapshots, use the [get snapshot status API].

GET _snapshot/_status

First of all, thank you for your help.

I've checked that but i suppose that it only works with current snapshots.

What i want is to have a dashboard or an alert that check the status of ended snapshots.

Check if it was okey or if not or if some shards has failed.
Thanks in advanced!

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