Monitor Google URL


I was trying to monitor Google page ( using HeartBeat. This is how my output is. It says that google is down :frowning: .
Output :

"error" : {
        "message" : "lookup getaddrinfow: This is usually a temporary error during hostname resolution and means that the local server did not receive a response from an authoritative server.",
        "type" : "io"

Here is my config

- type: http
    - ""
  schedule: '@every 10s'
  timeout: 10s

How to resolve this ?

Can you get it from the host with cURL?

Yes, I'm able to access this via curl with the proxy details set.

And you are using the same proxy with heartbeat? Have you set the proxy_url setting?

I remember having proxy_url set for in heart beat. I will check this and come back to you.

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