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I have installed ELK 6.4.0 in Windows environment, I configured winlogbeat for Windows logs and it works fine.
Now I'd like to collect Exchange logs, so I have used filebeat but it is a little bit difficult to search some data because all data are in one field message. I found something like this and I'd like to do the same with Exchange logs, is it possible, if yes, how do this?

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Are you sending your data to logstash or to elasticsearch directly? if the latter, you could take a look at the ingest node functionality of Elasticsearch.



I am sending my data to elasticsearch directly. I opened link that you mentioned and try understand how to use it.
In what file I configure / define a pipeline, processors?
Could you give an example how to do this?

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it's not a file, but rather an API call. The documentation includes a few examples. You might be interested in the grok processor in particular.

Also, in order to easily debug things, I suggest you take a look at the Simulate Pipeline API

If you have further questions, please provide your full pipeline or better yet the full simulate pipeline API call.


That is the problem that I don't understand how to use that API, I'm not a programmer, I'd prefer to config a file with filter that "decompose" log file from Exchange to be more readable.
I have read about the grok procesor and it could be a solution for my data.
What should I do if I'd like send data to logstash?

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