Monitor Size of Single Directory?

Is there any way to configure Topbeat to monitor the size of one directory? I am considering just writing a script that does: 'du -h > dirsize.txt' and tailing that file, but I'd prefer something more elegant..

No, Topbeat and Metricbeat both report filesystem usage metrics on a per mount point basis. might help

I'll research lsbeat, it looks like it can either do what I need or be
modified to do it.. I just wonder if that's more efficient than using
(already implemented) Filebeat and simply running a cron job every 5
minutes or so to write the results of 'du /filepath/filename'.

Thank you for your suggestion Mark.

It looks like the current solution is to simply write file size to a file that is tailed by Filebeat.

Is anyone aware of a way to push the data without tailing a file? Ideally we don't write this data in any logs, but rather push it directly to Logstash.

Ideas regarding implementation, good/bad idea etc..?

You could just send the metric with netcat over UDP or TCP.

Good call, thank you!

Another option... use curl to POST the data to the logstash http input.

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