Topbeat memory not monitored > 4GB


Hi all,

I am running topbeat on windows machines to monitor memory, cpu (system wide and per process).
I am using the file output and deliver that one via nxlog to logstash and parse it there, because I am currently jailed on an old logstash / es version which doesn't support beats, so dont wonder.

We have an Apache Tomcat process which we want to monitor, because we have some kind of memory leak in there. The memory of the process runs up to 6 GB.
But in kibana i see a hard line at 4GB of the process while I can see 6GB in windows taskmanager.

If I check memory usage when the tomcat is below 4GB it seems quite to fit between topbeat and windows:

topbeat log line:


I parsed the memory fields to MB:

"topbeatProcMemSize": 2685.895,
"topbeatProcMemRss": 2462.332,
"topbeatProcMemRss_p": 15,
"topbeatProcMemShare": 0,

Here I see the Memory private working set is quite equal to MemRss.

When we have high usage of mem, i can see all values of topbeat stuck at 4096 MB.

"topbeatProcMemSize": 4096,
"topbeatProcMemRss": 4096,
"topbeatProcMemRss_p": 25,
"topbeatProcMemShare": 0,

Is it a bug of topbeat, is it related to java processes only or did I failed some configuration of topbeat?


PS: i am using tobeat-1.2.3

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I think you are hitting this issue here:

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It might be that a 64 bit version would solve this issue (please see comments). Unfortunately there is no 64 bit version for Topbeat, but you can simply migrate to Metricbeat in 5.0 that is shipped with a 64 bit version. Topbeat was replaced with Metricbeat in 5.0, and it's very easy to migrate your configuration file to Metricbeat configuration file as it looks the same.

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