Kibana Monitoring Dashboard shows dubious memory usage for Filebeat

I just set up Filebeat monitoring for my elk stack, and checked out the dashboard in Kibana. How am I meant to read the "Memory (MB)" section? It looks like it is saying the OS has > 60 terabytes of memory reserved for the beat I am looking at?


When I look at the Filebeat process using pmap, the total line in kB looks like this (kbytes, RSS, Dirty):

total kB 2158600 76388 44676

That means Filebeat is using 2 GB of (virtual) memory, correct?
Should I just assume the Kibana dashboard has an order of magnitude bug?

Hi what version of the stack is this?

It does seem that way. I did not find any issues when searching in the issue tracker. Would you mind filing one here?

A Stack Monitoring developer may need to follow up with you with further questions over Github.

I updated to the latest version and it shows much more reasonable numbers on the dashboard now...looks like a bug that has already been fixed.

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