Kibana dashboards to monitoring used size in GB

Hello guys,
After a long research i couldnt find what is a requirement for my project.

So, i'm using Elastic Siem, essentially with ELK + Filebeat, AuditBeat, WinLogBeat, MetricBeat, Heartbeat etc...
And i have a requirement that is to monitor the used size of different actives of mine.
For example, lets imagine that i have 5 indices for each of my actives, id like to have per example a dashboard where i could see its used size for their 5 indices in GB per example.

Last 30 days
-Active 1: 30GB used
-Active 2: 20GB used
-Active 3: 25GB used

The problem is that i cant find a native way to do it.
Hopefully you can help me,
Thank you for your time

We aren't all guys :wink:

Have you looked at Elasticsearch Monitoring Metrics | Kibana Guide [7.13] | Elastic?

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