Monitoring Beats: Instance list too short

(Martin Kaemmerling) #1

As you see here:

Total beats are 64 (instead of metric 64 + file 63 + winlog 1 = 128), so only the newest half of all beats are shown in the list (see 1-20 of 64, I would expect 1-20 of 128).

Moreover the list is fluctuating over time: sometimes 60 file- and 4 metricbeats are shown 5 minutes later it is vice versa.

Even if you use 'Filter beats' to show only e.q. metricbeats the number of really shown metricbeats vary from 0 to 64.

My recommendation is to extend the list that all beats can fit into it.

(Magnus Kessler) #2

Thank you for reporting this issue. Could you please also add it to Kibana's bug tracker? That will ensure better visibility for the development team.

(system) #3

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