Monitor thrift transport using Packetbeat

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I am facing an issue in this option to provide thrift files in the "IDL_files" configuration of packetbeat.yml file.
Is it possible to provide a folder name which contains all my thrift files instead of providing individual file names? We have around 100 thrift files.


(Adrian Serrano) #2

Currently it's not possible to do so.

Instead of supporting both files and directories, what do you think about supporting file globs? So you can do something like:

idl_files: [ 'my_directory/*.thrift', 'otherfile.thrift' ]

Feel free to open an enhancement request in the Beats repo.

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Thanks Adrian.

It would be really helpful in our case as we have so many thrift files and it is cumbersome to specify all in the yml file.

Filed an issue here:

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