Monitor tomcat and custom applications

Hi All,

I'm pretty new to the APM module, was just checking whether we can monitor tomcat application, because in the downloadable apm agents i dont see anything for tomcat.
If we can monitor can someone please guide me thorugh how i can achieve it.

Also if i want to monitor some custom application is there any way to achieve the same.


Hi and thanks for your interest in Elastic APM,

Tomcat is one of the supported servlet containers. You can see a complete list of what is currently supported in the documentation. The docs also have a section on how to get started.

Let me know if I can help with anything in particular.


so do i need to download the js apm agent and then configure tomcat in it?


Could you describe what you exactly want to monitor? We have different agents for different languages.

The JS agent (aka Real User Monitoring) is an agent which sits in the browser. For more information about the JS agent, see the docs.

Then there are different backend agents. You mentioned Tomcat, so I assume you are interested in the Java agent. You can find it's documentation here. See this page for an overview of all the available agents.

So if you want to monitor a Java application including it's frontend, you would need to configure both the JS and the Java agent.

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