Monitor Tomcat services using Beats

I am using Beats->ElasticSearch->Kibana for viewing the metrics. Now I need to monitor the webapplications that are deployed on a tomcat server. How can we achieve this? Please help.

What exactly you would like to monitor? Metrics? Logs?

I would want to check the status of the web applications deployed in tomcat servers. Like whether the application is up or down?

I am looking for some suggestions from Elastic team

Have you already looked at ?

Yes. I have installed heartbeat on my server and it is up and running. I can monitor tomcat using tcp module over there. I am in need of monitoring the heartbeat of the webapps (one or more webapps) deployed in tomcat.

We use the following setting in haertbeat.yml to monitor our application - maybe this helps:

- type: http
  enabled: true
  name: "<Application Name>"
  urls: ["<Application Url>"]
  ssl.certificate_authorities: ["<Root-CA PAth>"]
  check.request.method: GET
  check.response.status: 200
  schedule: '@every 60s'

Thanks for the reply. What is the value we should input for Application Name?

We use the GIT but you can use any name to identify the application - even to application path...

Thank you so much. It works!!

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