Monitoring displays separate clusters before/after license install

The X-Pack monitoring dashboard lists two clusters after we install our license: one that allegedly has an invalid license (the trial one?), and one that has our basic license.

Anyone else noticing this?

The Basic license restricts us to monitoring one cluster at a time, and of course it sadly lets us see the pre-license cluster rather than the post-license cluster.

Restricting the history to periods after the license install avoids the problem, but it is not ideal.

Even if we had a full paid-for license, I think it would be annoying to have pre-license and post-license data treated as separate clusters.

Hi @davidbkemp,

We don't treat different-licensed clusters differently. The only way we "see" clusters is by their cluster UUID. The most common cause of this type of scenario is that the "trial" cluster is either:

  1. The dedicated monitoring cluster.
  2. A re-created cluster with the same name, but that has a unique cluster UUID.

Either way, Monitoring looks at clusters by their cluster UUID, and not by their name. If you ever copied a configuration and started a new cluster "fresh" with the same name, then it would have the same name in the UI.

The easiest solution to this issue is to just restart collecting your monitoring data: blow away .monitoring-* indices and the actual cluster will replenish the data. In Elasticsearch 5.5+, all .monitoring indices are time-based, so this should be easily curated starting from that version and onward.

Hope that helps,

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Thanks Chris.
I'm not entirely sure that explains what we are seeing, but it's not causing us too much grief for now.

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