Monitoring elasticsearch when using xpack

What's the best url for monitoring of elasticsearch's http endpoint? (In this case I'm using heartbeat). The root? When using elasticsearch with xpack, i.e. when elasticsearch requires a login, what rights should a monitoring user/role have?

Hiya @lowlevelio,

Are you using Elastic Cloud Enterprise? If so, the Cloud UI provides a direct link to the logs for each Elasticsearch cluster, among others. See for more info. There should not be anything that you set up separately.

If you are not using ECE (or Elastic Cloud for that matter) and set up Heartbeat yourself, then this post likely belongs into a different forum, e.g. Beats or X-Pack. I can ask to have it moved there, so that you can get the right answers. There's some related info for our Elastic Cloud hosted service that might help set up the right kind of user, but again it is geared towards Cloud


  1. Yes, I'm "only" using x-pack, you can move this thread to the appropriate forum.
  2. Thanks for your answer, though I already got an answer from your pay-support for this issue.
  3. Initially I was thinking of monitoring the _cluster/health page, but due to heartbeat isn't able to parse the returned json, or even save it anywhere, I will use alerting instead.

Hi @lowlevelio,

Glad you got it sorted! If you have your answer, then this thread probably doesn't need to move.


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