Monitoring Index Rate (Elastic Cloud)

I have an issue where the "ds-.monitoring-es-8-mb" indicies are one of the top two by index rate at around 300/s for our 13 node cluster.

I asked support if using "xpack.monitoring.collection.interval" is the correct way to reduce the incoming data and we went down a rabbit hole when the index rate didn't decrease only to be told it doesn't actually reduce the amount of incoming monitoring data and to use ILM. The amount of stored data isn't really the problem, I already had ILM setup to only keep monitoring data for a few days because there is so much.

The concern is that I am now faced with increasing the size of our cluster because of the over abundance of monitoring data which will in-turn cause an increase in monitoring data.

Any way to decrease the rate of monitoring data coming into the cluster without disabling it entirely would be appreciated.

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