Monitoring Logstash with Metricbeat


I'm configuring the monitoring feature of the Elastic Stack using metricbeat 7.6.2. I have configured a metricbeat with this configuration:

    - module: logstash
        - node
        - node_stats
      period: 20s
        - "A:9600"
        - "B:9600"
        - "C:9600"
        - "D:9600"
      username: "xx"
      password: "yy"
      xpack.enabled: true

And now I can see information about the Logstash and Pipelines, but when I enter in a pipeline, the events/second in each stage are always 0.

Am I missing any configuration? If I query the logstash port I can see that the information is there, but Metricbeat doesn´t seem to retrieve it

Hi @cpiment,

Let's take a look at the data and see if we can figure this out.

Can you run this query against the monitoring cluster?

POST .monitoring-logstash-*/_search
	"size": 1,
	"sort": {
		"timestamp": {
			"order": "desc"
	"query": {
		"bool": {
			"filter": [
					"term": {
						"type": "logstash_stats"

Hi @chrisronline,

I'm checking it today and now it's already reporting metrics. It seems I hadn't wait enought time to the visualization to show data.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Glad to hear.

We have a long outstanding bug that might be involved here:

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