Monitoring SAP Netweaver

Hi All,

Has anyone tried using Elastic APM to monitor SAP Netweaver on SLES (as an alternative to using the Wily Introscope built into SAP Solman)?

Do you want to monitor Java or ABAP apps?
for Java apps, you can use the APM Agent Java, you can check what libraries support auto instrumentation, how manual instrument your apps, technologies, and JVM supported at the documentation
for ABAP code there is not an agent available at the moment.

SAP Netweaver
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) for SAP
Wily Introscope


Only looking at Java Netweaver. I did look the documentation but don't seee anything wrt Netweaver under Application Servers/Servlet Containers. I am assming this means it will not work but was wondering if someone has tried with one of the other JEE agents.

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