Monitoring the Redis using pacetbet


We build the log system using the infrastructure redis+logstsh+kibana. And we plan to monitor the performance of the redis instance using the packetbeat. The configure files looks like the following.


# Configure the ports where to listen for Redis traffic. You can disable
# the Redis protocol by commenting out the list of ports.
ports: [6379]

enabled: true
host: "localhost"
port: 6379
db: 4
index: packetbeat
save_topology: True

With the above config, the packetbeat sniffs the traffic that reaches the redis and push an event to the same redis instances. I believe the event is recursively pushed to redis.

Is there a way to filter out the events published by redis? Or I should set up another dedicated redis instance to store the packetbeat events.

Right, I'd recommend using a second instance running on a different port (e.g. 6380).

Thank you