Monitoring without Security 5.0A2

(Gérald Q) #1

In the past for developping and testing I could install Marvel without Shield.

Now that they are bundled together, I am forced to setup SSL certificates, user accounts on my development laptop:
Error: is required in kibana.yml.
Error: HTTPS is required. Please set server.ssl.key and server.ssl.cert in kibana.yml.

IMHO, this is not user friendly.

Is there a workaround?

(Gérald Q) #2

Found the answer here:

Installing the Kibana XPack plugin could add these default configs to kibana.yml

(Gérald Q) #3

After that I am stuck on the login page. These Kibana settings are not enough :cry:

(Gérald Q) #4

The hidden solution is to had false in both Kibana et Elasticsearch config

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