Monitors can only support up to 10 triggers

I have a monitor with 10 triggers. When I attempt to create another trigger, I see this error message:

    Failed to create the trigger
    [illegal_argument_exception] Monitors can only support up to 10 triggers.

How can I update the max number of triggers on a monitor?

Monitors are not an Elastic feature. What you're asking about is an Open Distro feature and they can offer you support for that. If you want, you can use our Alerting framework which doesn't have such limitations.

Thanks for pointing that out that Monitors are an Open Distro feature. I had not realized that as a relatively new Kibana user and it is also named Alerting. In the docs I see Alerting under Stack Management but I don't see that on my instance, even though my user account role has all_access. How can I find the Elastic Alerting in Kibana?

It should be in the Alerting and Actions area. Kibana Alerting: Alerts & Actions for Elasticsearch data | Elastic You need to have the basic license (free).

Something seems missing. Here is my Stack Management.

Well, since you had Open Distro installed and that works only on the Open-source version of Kibana, I guess that's the reason. The open-source and the basic versions of Kibana are different. Both are free, just the second one contains more features.

Thanks, good to know. I'll stick with the Open-source version and work around that trigger limit.

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