Montoring url


I have installed elasticsearch v5 . i have installed x-pack but can not find the link to monitoring page, when I use kibana.

Is monitoring page use the same port 5601 as kiban does or diffrent path and url?

any help appreciated.


There should be an icon in the left menu bar for Monitoring.

Did you install xpack in Kibana as well?

Hi Reza -

Wondering if this issue was resolved yet. If not, were you using a user login that does not have admin access? For example, if you're using a default kibana user, then you will not see the monitoring tab. If you use the default elastic user, it should have the right grants and accesses to all of the pages as it has a superuser privilege. You can log in as a default user, 'elastic' with password 'changeme' Once you logged in, you can expect to see the following with monitoring tab on the left-side panel:

Hope this helps,