MoreLikeThis ignores queries?

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I am trying to filter moreLikeThis results by adding additional query - but
it seems to ignore it at all.

I tried to run my ignoreQuery separately and it works fine, but how to make
it work with moreLikeThis? Please help me.

$ignoreQuery = $this->IgnoreCategoryQuery('movies')

$this->resultsSet = $this->index->moreLikeThis(new \Elastica\Document($id),
array_merge($this->mlt_fields, array('search_size' => $this->size,
'search_from' => $this->from, 'min_doc_freq' => 2, 'min_term_freq' => 1,
'min_word_length' => 3)), $ignoreQuery);

My IgnoreCategory function:

public function IgnoreCategoryQuery($category = 'main')
$categoriesTermQuery = new \Elastica\Query\Term();
$categoriesTermQuery->setTerm('categories', $category);
$categoriesBoolQuery = new \Elastica\Query\Bool();
return $categoriesBoolQuery;

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