Morelikethis returns no results

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we are currently trying to use the MLT API to get similar documents based
on one of them and we get no results back. To debug we even tried using the
query directly with some settings like minimum documents and terms to zero
and we got no results back.

We tried several variations, tweak the settings, not to say any document in
the query, tried other datasets (indexes and types) but never seem to get a
result back.

API call:
curl -XGET

query request:

  • "query": {*
  • "more_like_this": {*
  •  "docs" : [*
  •    {*
  •        "_index" : "tweets-world",*
  •        "_type" : "tweets",*
  •        "_id" : "476735980666630144"*
  •    }*
  •    ],*
  •  "min_term_freq": 0,*
  •  "min_doc_freq": 0,*
  •  "min_word_len": 0*
  • }*
  • }*

In attachment you'll find an example of our documents and mappings.





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