Most efficient way to bulk update index?


Here is my requirement.
This is what I need to do ...
if (indexedField1.value contains pattern1) indexedField1.value = newValue; add a new indexedField2
I do realize there is a programmatic way of doing this in Java for example:
1. Fetch only indexedField1 using _source filtering
2. Check the value
3. Create _bulk update and create statements
4. Execute the _bulk call

I wanted to verify if the above would work.
More importantly, is there a better way to do this, for example, entire within elastic search, hence more efficient?


Any thoughts on this will be very helpful.

Using _source filtering does not makes it fast. Actually, it adds overhead since Elasticsearch needs to parse the _source, apply the filtering logic and serialize a new document.

The most efficient way of doing what you are describing is by either using the Reindex API with a script or using the Update By Query API also with a script.

Both of which could be leveraged if you can translate indexedField1.value contains pattern1 into a query.

Thank you, very useful.
Yea I figured anything that can be natively done within ES would be preferred. I just wasnt sure of it. More importantly Im not too familiar with the concept of scripts.
I guess here is my opportunity to explore, learn and apply it.

Once again, appreciate your response.

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