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I have a busy elasticsearch cluster running 5.3.0. CPU Load is high on 2 nodes and query time as well. Bottleneck seems to be related to I/O. I was wondering, how can I know which indices or shards are the most access? I would like to move busy shards to nodes that are less busy. This would be a temporary solution until I add more I/O's.



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You can use the indices stats to find out how much time is spent searching per index.



I have hundreds of indexes, how can I return index name, query_time desc? I am struggling with the curl command.


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can you explain what your problem is? Which data are you missing to gather information?


How can I use the
via a curl command order by query_time desc?

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ordering needs to be done by yourself, this just exposes stats. It is up to you what you do with it.

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