Move Elastic Search from C: to D:

I was asking to research if it possible moving current installation of Kibana from C: drive to D: drive on our server. And if this possible is there Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) with description what step need to be done to prepare to this move, move and after move.
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We don't provide SOPs for that sort of this, but it should be fine. I would copy the existing Kibana directory over to the new location, start it up and make sure everything is ok and then delete the old one.

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I haven't found any anomalies by changing ELK directories. You can have only issue if you use env. varibles, conf part for Logstash, log path hardcoded, etc.
Don't split directories inside a single product (bin, conf, lib,...) except those are created after run like logs, data, temp file registry base etc. All these custom locations are in kibana.yml

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Sorry for confusions - I just get back to my manager with all of your replays and original question get changed: we're not moving Kibana actually, but Elasticsearch
Not sure if my original question should be stay now under Kibana thread.
New question:
Is it possible to move installation of Elasticsearch from C: drive to D: drive on the same server?

Should work, just change C:/path/Data in elasticsearch.yml, and path.logs if is customized. The params contains where are indices.
You can test by copying everything on D, and start as batch not as service. Leave ES on C drive just rename to C:\elk_old.

Thank you for your help.

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Make sure you let them know it's Elasticsearch, not Elastic Search :wink:

I am noob

Our ES ES was set up though NSSM. You mention start as batch, not as service. Do you happen to know batch command to start ES?
Something like this?
nssm start 'servicename'
nssm stop 'servicename'

Thank you

Circle back and would like to say THANK YOU all of you for your help. We just move Elasticsearch services from C: drive to D: drive in BETA and schedule move in Production environment for next week.

Sorry I have missed your replay.

ES doesn't need NSSM, only LS and KI.
For ES use elasticsearch-service.bat

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