Move existing indexes from specific nodes

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Hi. I know that with below config we can exclude some nodes from cluster, And elastic itself relocate existing indexes on those nodes.
PUT /_cluster/settings
"transient" : {
"cluster.routing.allocation.exclude._ip" : "192.168.2.*"

But what I really want is to exclude some indexes from particular nodes, I tried this config
PUT test/_settings
"index.routing.allocation.exclude._ip": "192.168.2.*"
This config prohibit elastic to assign new shards to this nodes, but it seems that it does not make elastic to relocate index's shards from those node. Am I right?

I know I can reroute shards manually but there are many shards and it is almost impossible!

If it matters I use elastic 2.3.5

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Ok, The answer is that that config will make elastic to move indexes from excluded nodes, But supposedly elastic do it at arbitrary time!

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