Move shard to another node error

I need to move shards to another node.
I get the following error. The command is first and the error after it:

error to check

post _cluster/reroute
"commands": [
"move": {
"index": "yeshut_2022.03.31-000152",
"shard": 0,
"from_node": "S003.dom",
"to_node": "S017.dom"

"error": {
"root_cause": [
"type": "remote_transport_exception",
"reason": "[S001.dom][][cluster:admin/reroute]"
"type": "illegal_argument_exception",
"reason": "[move_allocation] can't move 0, from {S003.dom}{EDit5b-bT4-lTuPdJ-LJoA}{UOCe_9OfQC2E2NTUgJFD3w}{}{}{di}{storage_term=cold, xpack.installed=true}, to {S017.dom}{jLHVeaHzSvWkM_Z2X9Zvmg}{EnEF9qvDRWW5woL_J1365g}{}{}{di}{xpack.installed=true}, since its not allowed, reason: [YES(shard has no previous failures)][YES(primary shard for this replica is already active)][YES(explicitly ignoring any disabling of allocation due to manual allocation commands via the reroute API)][YES(can allocate replica shard to a node with version [7.5.1] since this is equal-or-newer than the primary version [7.5.1])][YES(the shard is not being snapshotted)][YES(ignored as shard is not being recovered from a snapshot)][NO(node does not match index setting [index.routing.allocation.require] filters [storage_term:"cold"])][YES(the shard does not exist on the same node)][YES(enough disk for shard on node, free: [1.8tb], shard size: [22.2gb], free after allocating shard: [1.8tb])][YES(below shard recovery limit of outgoing: [0 < 20] incoming: [0 < 20])][YES(total shard limits are disabled: [index: -1, cluster: -1] <= 0)][YES(allocation awareness is not enabled, set cluster setting [cluster.routing.allocation.awareness.attributes] to enable it)]"
"status": 400

You will either need to change the index to remove the allocation requirement or set this node as a cold node as well.

Could you please provide a detailed action plan for a begginner?

Depending on your configuration, you will need to either change the Index-level shard allocation filtering so that the index is no longer required to live on a "cold" node:

PUT yeshut_2022.03.31-000152/_settings
  "index.routing.allocation.require.storage_term": ""

Or, you will need to change the attributes of S017.dom to have the storage_term: cold attribute in the configuration file. Example from this link:

Specify the location of each node with a custom node attribute. For example, if you want Elasticsearch to distribute shards across different racks, you might set an awareness attribute called rack_id in each node’s elasticsearch.yml config file.

node.attr.rack_id: rack_one

So, in the elasticsearch.yml file on S017.dom, you will want to look for a setting that is similar to node.attr.storage_term:

If you run GET /_cat/nodeattrs?v and find the S017.dom node, does its attributes align with the other nodes appropriately?

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