Moving all shards in an index to the same node

We want to implement the shrink index API on our cluster. A pre-requisite is that all shards in the to-be-shrunk index must reside on the same node. Currently, this is not the case.

What is the simplest way to move all shards in an index to the same node?


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Index-level shard allocation filtering | Elasticsearch Guide [8.7] | Elastic and use index.routing.allocation.require.ip and then add in the IP of the host (or use hostname).

However if you issue a shrink request, Elasticsearch should handle the re-allocation for you.

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Thanks. And it is dynamic!

In the v7.17 docs. the shards all residing on the same node is stated as as a prerequisite, not something that "Elasticsearch will handle for you". I am about to create a task to create this prerequisite. Should I not do so?


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