Moving Elasticsearch Data to New Storage

I have an Elasticsearch Cluster (v5.6.9) - x2 Data Nodes Both Physical Servers with Storage on different 3PAR systems + x1 Master (Quorum VM). Having 2 Shards + 1 Replica.

I need to migrate both Data Nodes' storage to new 3PAR systems. (Each Data Node has 9TB Data)

Need some clarifications on the below options:

Option 1:

  • Present New LUN to ES Data Node with the same size
  • Shutdown ES Data Node
  • Unexport Old LUN
  • Start ES Data Node
  • ES Cluster will rebuild data with the replicas on the other ES Data node

Option 2:

  • Present New LUN to ES Data Node with the same size
  • Reindex Data to New LUN

Which would be the most efficient way to migrate?

Migrating LUN from the current 3PAR system to the new 3PAR systems is not a viable option.
Also would like to avoid reindexing, as this will be done at a later stage prior to upgrading to ES v7



Welcome to our community! :smiley:

Yikes, that is seriously old and very much past EOL. You should look at upgrading as a matter of major urgency (as it looks like you are doing).

The easiest option here would be;

  1. BACKUP - make sure you have an Elasticsearch snapshot at the bare minimum
  2. shutdown your Elasticsearch processes
  3. attach new LUN
  4. copy the old Elasticsearch data directory to the new location
  5. remove the old LUN
  6. mount the new LUN to the same location as the old one, so that Elasticsearch sees the same data, just with more space
  7. start your Elasticsearch processes

Agreed, the upgrading step will be done once the storage migration is completed.

Thanks for your suggestions, I think I will proceed this way.

Question about the snapshot backup: Does this backup all data or Cluster config & Shards allocation?

Snapshots can cover all indexed data as well as metadata.

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