Moving from custom Lucene code to Elastic - Frustrated

As I am totally new to the API, I find myself frustrated by the documentation and it doesn't help that all the samples you can find with google seem spread over 3 different incompatible versions of the API.

With Lucene, when indexing some properties, I could set them so that:

  • The data gets analyzed, indexed and stored
  • The data gets analyzed, indexed, but not stored
  • The data get just stored; no analysis, no indexing

How can I do these 3 cases? I can't find any documentation that covers this, nor any complete sample / tutorial. Everything I got running so far was from some bits and pieces cobbled from various locations.



Thanks for these links! I am not sure why, but I couldn't find it with google, nor any link to that in any sample. I'm wondering if it's because it's a collection of tiny pages instead of a larger document so it may not be indexed.

Also, I was using this as a guide:
From this, I can't find the pages you sent me.

thanks again!