Moving Nodes Updates in 2.4.3

From the 2.4.3 ECE release note:

  • Moving nodes off allocators for the system-owned deployments admin-console-elasticsearch and logging-and-metrics now works as expected.

I've been trying to move Kibana, the one from logging-and-metrics from the existing allocators to the new ones, but I can't do it. Even though, I specify the new target location, I'm failing to move off Kibana. I moved all other nodes (10-15 nodes), but not Kibana node.

Interesting! How does the move fail?


I can't move off Kibana from the older allocator to the new ones. There is a spinning wheel next to the deployment after I initiate the action, but it won't complete. There is no errors.

I tried again a few times, but I can't move kibanas off for the last two deployments. One of them is logging-and-metrics and the other one is a custom deployment. It just bounces between 3 allocators on which I don't want to have Kibanas on.

I think I found it, the issue might be related to templates/tagging for the kibana instances I had deployed previously.

Yep, it's fixed now. The issue was related to the Kibana templates and tags. The new nodes didn't have appropriate tags.


You said that there were no errors initially, did you find an error message eventually or did you just figure out it was probably tag related ?

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