Moving @timestamp in an optionnal new field


i want to add a new field in my config filebeat and put in it the @timestamp value :

harvest_timestamp: @timestamp

but it doesn't work ...
my goal, at the end, is to delete the field @timestamp and just keep the new field 'harvest_timetamp'. Thus, my logstash shipper, output in my config, will create his own @timestamp... and i will know :
1 - the harvest timestamp
2 - the shipping timestamp

A solution exists please ? ty

(Steffen Siering) #2

you can not rename fields in filebeat directly. You have to do this kind of processing in logstash, but no idea if you can overwrite the @timestamp in logstash.


ty steffens for your answer (even if it doesn't help :joy:)

(Steffen Siering) #4

the timestamp is not set by output plugin, but by input plugins. Using ruby or mutate filter you can try to store @timestamp into harvest_timestamp and try to overwrite timestamp. Never tried, but with ruby filter you can try

ruby {
        code => 'event["[@timestamp]"] ='

Regarding questions about event processing in logstash, have a look at the logstash forum.


ty steffens it works !! :grinning:

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